79-Pieces PKD-100 Doors for Fritolay - Turkey

Fritolay / Pepsi-Co is a client of Salco B.V. and stores an enormous amount of potatoes in a storage warehouse. These potatoes are used for the production of products such as Lays crisps. Of course, the potatoes must be well preserved, which is why Salco was asked to supply no less than 79 PKD-100 doors for Fritolay's storage warehouse.


Insulated refrigerated doors

Fritolay is building a huge potato storage shed on behalf of Pepsi-Co in Manisa Turkey. Fritolay has commissioned Salco B.V. to supply the insulated refrigerated doors for this shed. It concerns 79 PKD-100 insulated refrigerated doors. The doors have an average width of 4,000 mm and heights between 8,000 and 8,500 mm. A wicket door is installed once every five PKD doors.

The door leaf of the PKD door is made of steel sandwich panels with a core of 100 mm polyurethane and an anodised aluminium frame profile. The doors close well, thanks to the all-round sealing with double rubber profiles. The PKD doors offer optimum accessibility. Since several doors are placed next to each other, they can slide in front of each other. This creates one large sliding wall, which makes loading and unloading easy, quick and efficient. The PKD doors are available in large dimensions and can be fitted with bottom or top rollers.

Measured and shipped

Salco measured everything on site in Turkey and checked the structural facilities. All the doors were then shipped to Turkey in kit form, where they were locally assembled and installed. Below are photos of the building process. You can see a steel construction and the recently installed doors, still complete with protective film.

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