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By listening and understanding what customers really want, we can create the best door solutions. Solutions that companies haven’t thought about yet. That’s a shame, if you involve us in the process at an early stage, we can advise you in advance. At Salco, you do not buy a door, but a high-quality door solution.

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Salco doors

The best quality from Zwaagdijk

We can handle any challenge by developing, producing and assembling our products ourselves. Directed by our work planners, project leaders and R&D department. Our doors are found all over the world. And we are secretly proud of that.

Over 40 years of experience

The construction company of the Sijm family starts SALCO for the production of aluminium sliding doors.
Expansion with the production of cooling and freezing doors, fire-resistant doors and overhead doors.
Emergence of CA-ULO storage technique and state of production of doors for this gas-tight storage.
First large project with gas-tight doors: auction WFO in Zwaagdijk-East.
Opening of new factory in Zwaagdijk-East.
Salco goes international with its assortment of doors and starts a network of distributors.
Emergence of high-rise freezing warehouse and start of world-wide production of High Speed Freezer Doors (Airlock).
Opening of second building on the industrial estate Zwaagdijk-East for the development and production of drives, electric controls and rail systems.
Opening of showroom and reception area for Salco Garage Doors BV.
Opening of third building on the industrial estate Zwaagdijk-East for the complete production line for PU-injection of (mainly) cooling-freezing revolving doors and gluing and CNC processing of polyester door leaves.
The introduction of S-line revolving doors. The doors are distinguished by an innovative product method and use of materials.

A big Salco family

Salco is a genuine family business. With over 100 Salco colleagues we are looking for the best locking door solutions every day. This way, we developed two large sliding doors for a big nation-wide construction company, intended for events below the apartment complex. In advance, we contributed ideas about the drive, safety devices and the aesthetic aspect. This led to a fine result.

Another special solution are six large cooling doors mounted hovering six meters above the ground for a handling facility. This saves room and ensures hygienic work. Space is crucial, especially in the agricultural branch. For instance, you can let horizontal doors slide over vertical doors when refrigerators are opened. For the grower this means additional cooling space within the same space. To name just a few examples. And does it not exist yet? We will make it.

A big Salco family