Fruit storage (CA-ULO)

In the early 1980s the ULO/CA storage of fruit emerged and a demand for gas-tight doors arose. For this, Salco developed a gas-tight cooling door with the unique and patented inflatable sealing system. This way, the room will maintain the right conditions and your fruit will remain protected.

Gas-tight cooling doors for the fruit industry

ULO stands for Ultra Low Oxygen and CA for Controlled Atmosphere. With this storage method, an atmosphere is created in the gas-tight refrigerator with a low oxygen content (around 1%), an elevated CO2 content and a temperature and air humidity that varies per product. This slows down ripening and increases storage life. Storage is done in gas-tight refrigerators for instance for storing fruit. For successful storage an absolutely gas-tight space is required. The door is a crucial element in this. Salco’s gas-tight doors open easily and close gas-tight. The door remains 100% gas-tight thanks to the inflatable sealing.

Fixed door solution

For your company, too, we have a fixed door solution. A solution you maybe haven’t even thought of yet. If you involve us in you process at an early stage, we can advise you in advance.

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