High Speed Doors

Are you looking for an energy-saving solution to close off a passage or opening? Discover the possibilities of Salco's high-speed doors here.

What is a high speed door?

A high-speed door, also called a rapid roll door, is designed for passages with frequent walking and working traffic. In this type of situations, fast operation is desired. The rapid roll door is perfect for smooth passage between two spaces. This is due to the strong and flexible fabric as the door leaf.



    Salco's most versatile high-speed roll-up door

    Our high-speed roll-up doors are available in different versions and are suitable for the most demanding environments.

    High speed

    This high-speed door opens at speeds of up to 2.5 m/s. This minimises draughts and temperature differences.

    Self-repairing zip system

    In the event of a collision, the curtain will detach, making the high-speed roll-up door much less likely to be damaged. The guiding rails in the frame ensure that the fabric is brought back into the zip. Thanks to this smart technology, the door will repair itself. The self-repairing action ensures an extremely safe and low-maintenance solution.

    Colourful, transparent or personalised with your own image

    The curtain of the door is available in various colours and insulated. Transparent windows are also available for traffic visibility. The curtain can be printed with your own image and logo.

    Smart operation

    You can use movement radars, remote control or other smart options. These options allow you to fully optimise the flow of your logistics. You can also have the controls communicate fully automatically with other equipment.

    Do not wait any longer and benefit from the many advantages

    • Save time with smart automation
    • Fast & safe
    • Insulating & energy-saving
    • Self-restoring & sustainable
    • Hygienic
    • Wind-resistant


    Salco High speed doors


    Applicable almost everywhere

    The high-speed door can be used in practically any sector, indoors and outdoors. The high-speed door is designed for efficiency, lower energy costs, safety and a comfortable working environment. The high-speed door is ideal in places where air movement must be limited. Ideal for temperature differences, hygiene, or to keep out moisture, draughts and cold.

    Choose the right door, choose Salco

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