To transport our ever-sturdier doors, Salco has its own lorry which is equipped with a crane of no less than 16 metres. This is not an unnecessary luxury. This vehicle allows us to transport doors with a maximum height or width of 5 metres in one piece at an angle, within the permanent width restrictions in the Netherlands. 


Developed especially for export, Salco provides (large) refrigeration, freezer and gas-tight doors as self-assembly packs, tailored entirely to your requirements, with or without panels for the door leaf. In addition to the benefits these bring during transportation, self-assembly packs also benefit from attractive prices, which is not insignificant in countries where labour costs are many times lower than in the Netherlands.

Over the years we have acquired a great deal of experience and expertise when it comes to transporting doors around the world. Our logistics team are also specialists in loading lorries and containers. Whether it’s packing doors in wooden crates for transportation by air, preparing the necessary export documents or special transportation, Salco can take care of it.

And it is not just our doors that travel the world - our engineers frequently hop on a plane to provide support to or complete installation of projects.