Non-residential construction

Factories and business where products are manufactured, fall under non-residential construction. These buildings are equipped for various purposes. We supply various industrial doors for this industry, including sliding doors and overhead doors.

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Flower bulb company Leek Tulips - Berkhout

Leek Tulips B.V. is a young and flourishing company located in Berkhout. They specialise in the forcing and cultivation of tulips. Salco was asked to supply and install overhead and sliding doors for this beautiful flower bulb company. Behind these doors, the flower bulbs and flowers are well stored.

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Sliding doors for non-residential construction

Sliding doors open easily and are closed tightly thanks to the convenient sliding system. Using these doors you will save a lot of space. The door is easily operated and you can choose from manual or electrical operation. Our doors are available in virtually any size and are adapted to your wishes. In the desired colour, coating and structure. As a result, the door will fit in perfectly with the style of the building. The sliding doors are available as a construction kit, but can also be installed by us.

Overhead door for the industrial building

Thanks to the great variety of rail systems, overhead doors can be used virtually anywhere. Not for nothing Salco overhead doors are often used in industrial buildings. You also see them often in fire stations. It is possible to provide the door with glazing, thanks to the extensive glazing options. A special 80 mm thick version is also available for use in refrigerators (free of cold bridges).

Fixed door solution

For your company, too, we have a fixed door solution. A solution that you haven’t even thought of yet. If you involve us in the process at an early stage, we can advise you in advance.

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