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Each sectional overhead door can be
completely customized to your requirements.

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Sectional overhead doors

With the Salco overhead doors, there are many designs to choose from. Each overhead door can be completely customized to your requirements. This allows you to compile the complete door yourself. Various options are available such as glazing, a wicket door, panel design and corresponding colors. The overhead door comes as a standard with 40 mm thick sandwich panels and the doors can be manufactured up to 12 meters wide.

Saving energy costs through high insulation value

To achieve the highest possible insulation value, the overhead doors can be manufactured with 80- mm-thick sandwich panels with the end caps being executed free of thermal bridges. Refer to the T- 280 overhead door type for more details. This significantly improves the insulation value, resulting in energy cost savings for you.

Electric operation of the overhead door

The overhead doors can be operated manually or electrically. The electrical operation can be expanded with options such as remote control, GSM module or a faster frequency-controlled operator. With the GSM module, you can open or close the overhead door from any location using your smartphone. Salco overhead doors are used in all types of commercial properties, industrial buildings and even cold storage rooms. The overhead door is often also described as a sectional door or roller door.

Maintenance of your overhead doors

After your overhead doors are measured and installed, you can expect us to ensure that you can continue to use the doors without any problems. If there are any unexpected malfunctions or damages, our service department can be reached 24/7. Additionally, we can regularly maintain all your doors to prevent malfunctions or standstills as much as possible. Do you have any questions or interest? Please check out our product pages or contact us!