Low-emission dairy farm Firma Rooker - Aartswoud

Salco received the order for the stall from Firma Rooker in Aartswoud through the contracting firm De Jong Ursem. This was a low-emission dairy barn that had to be fitted with doors.

The right industrial doors for every sector

De Jong Ursem built the low-emission freestall barn for cattle. Salco was given the task of fitting the shed with various doors and window frames.

Doors for stable construction

The barn, measuring 57 x 38 metres, is used for milking cattle and provides space for approximately 180 dairy cattle. Salco has already supplied and installed doors for many barns. Salco installed overhead doors and wicket doors for the Firma Rooker dairy barn. We also supplied the window frames. Overhead doors are very suitable for building stables. These doors can be used almost everywhere thanks to the very large variety of rail systems. A number of doors contain a wicket door. This makes it easy to step in and it is not necessary to open the entire overhead door. The wicket doors are fitted with a special code lock and advanced grilles.

Overhead doors for cattle stables

The overhead doors have been given a special treatment. This makes the doors resistant to a damp and aggressive environment. For example, the overhead doors can withstand ammonia vapours and are resistant to rust. This makes the overhead doors very suitable for cattle stables, such as those owned by Firma Rooker. Besides the overhead doors and wicket doors, Salco also supplied and installed the window frames for the cattle stable. This makes it a beautiful whole and fits perfectly in the new barn.

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