S-line foamed hinged and sliding doors

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S-line Foamed hinged and sliding doors

For the new product group within the Salco family, we make use of a PU foamed door leaf. As opposed to a standard steel sheet material, a 4 mm thick aluminum composite panel was opted for. This material’s unique properties make the doors dent and corrosion-resistant. The combination of a proven construction principle and innovative use of material, makes the S-line door solid, sleek and attractively priced. Obviously with the quality you expect from Salco.

The S-line doors are available as chiller hinged door or chiller sliding door, freezer hinged door or freezer sliding door and as operational hinged door.

With a hinged door from S-line, you are assured of rapid installation

The hinged doors are installed in the aluminum door frame, in the factory. This ensures fast and easy installation: creating an opening in the wall, positioning of the door frame with door in the opening, adjusting the hinges and the door is ready to go!

The perfect sliding doors for small cold rooms and freezer rooms

The sliding doors are always supplied in combination with the already proven SRA125-Z rail system and 120 mm door frame. The sleek design and use of material make the door easy to clean. As such, the S-line door is excellently suitable for the smaller cold storages at, for instance, butcher shops, fishmongers, bakeries and the hospitality sector.