Cooling and freezing storage

For cold stores it is important that store rooms are closed properly. This way, the room maintains the temperature and the goods are well protected. For cooling and freezing storage we supply various industrial doors: cooling doors, freezing doors, insulated doors and High Speed Freezer Doors (Airlock) in aluminium or stainless steel.

Kloosterboer Cool Port - Rotterdam

Kloosterboer Cool Port B.V. in Rotterdam is an enormous cold store. They have no less than 3,500,000 m3 of cooling and freezing capacity. They are specialised in storage, stevedoring, logistics, customs handling and logistical IT solutions.

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Cooling doors for cooling and freezing storage

Salco cooling, freezing and industrial doors are available in various versions: operated manually or electrically, horizontal, vertical or as a revolving door. For use in the food-processing industry, special stainless-steel doors are available. The cooling doors are available in very large sizes and in many colours and close seamlessly.

High speed freezer doors (Airlock)

Horizontal, vertical, temperature resistant up to -40°C or in the context of fire prevention in a ‘low oxygen’ environment? Salco’s High Speed Freezer Doors (Airlock) are characterized by a great variety in execution and application. They are easily integrated into the conveyor system. The core of the door is made of insulation material and closes hermetically. In addition, the High Speed Freezer Doors (Airlock) can also be executed in stainless steel. 

Fixed door solution

For your company, too, we have a fixed door solution. A solution that you maybe have not thought of yet. If you involve us in the process at an early stage, we can advise you in advance.

Check out our range of doors for cooling and freezing storage. And does it not exist yet? We will make it. How can we help you along? Call +31(0)228-564 200 or contact us using the contact form.

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